RCL Capital Management

A Certified Financial Advisor serving investors in greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Wexford, Cranberry, Marshall, Bradford Woods, Pine, Richland, McCandless, Ross – and beyond since 1997.


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About RCL Capital Management

RCL Capital Management is a service of Ronald C. Leonard, an independent, fee-only financial advisor from Wexford, Pennsylvania serving clients primarily in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region.


Independent and Unconflicted

Since its founding in 1997, RCL Capital Management has earned and preserved the trust of many investment clients throughout western Pennsylvania with enduring integrity, professionalism, performance and personal service. RCL Capital Management devises and manages completely objective and un-conflicted investment plans. It is a fee-only advisory firm and is not required to sell a particular vendor's investment products. It will always recommend the most appropriate investment options for you. RCL Capital Management does not receive commissions from its clients investments.

The Founder

RCL Capital Management was founded by Ronald C. Leonard, CPA to help individuals realize the benefits of highly-personalized and qualified financial guidance. Prior to RCL Capital Management, Mr. Leonard served with both Grossman, Yanak and Ford LLP and KPMG as an accountant in their Pittsburgh offices. Mr. Leonard is a registered investment advisor and CPA, and holds a B.S. in Accounting from Penn State.

Personal and Meticulous

RCL Capital Management leaves nothing to chance. The firm works closely with every client to:

  1. Help them identify thoroughly all their financial goals
  2. Devise comprehensive plans to achieve those goals
  3. Invest their assets in a prudent, timely manner
  4. Monitor progress with quarterly performance reports

Investment Support

As your financial advisor, RCL Capital Management will:

Provide personal consultations to assist in defining your goals and updating you on the progress of your plan.

Prepare quarterly performance summaries to update you on the status and progress of your portfolio.

Purchase and sell securities to allocate your portfolio in the most appropriate manner.

Annual Fees

RCL Capital Management's fees are based on the amount of assets it manages for you. It does not earn commissions from your investments. Your annual fee will be based on the total market value of your account as valued monthly. This allows for truly objective financial advice.

Schedule of charges:

  1. 1% on the first $1,000,000
  2. 0.50% on the next $2,000,000
  3. 0.25% on the remaining balance

Fees are payable at the end of each quarter.