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A Certified Financial Advisor serving investors in greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Wexford, Cranberry, Marshall, Bradford Woods, Pine, Richland, McCandless, Ross – and beyond since 1997.


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Asset Allocation

We'll manage your investments (ie. IRA, 401(k) and other holdings) carefully and prudently to ensure redundancies and holes are eliminated.

Our asset allocation expertise will help you determine how much of your investment portfolio should be invested in cash, bonds, stocks or real estate.

The first step is to help you understand your tolerance for risk and volatility. We’ll achieve this by developing a close personal relationship which will help us answer crucial questions:

With us, you’ll enter into an ongoing educational process that fosters sound decisions about the various options and the expected results that can be reasonably expected from each of those options.

For effective asset allocation, your goals will be identified, your risk tolerance evaluated, and a personalized portfolio will be implemented and monitored thereafter.

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