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College Planning

The costs to attend college continue to increase significantly. We can help you prepare for your children's education by using specialized investment vehicles like 529s that make it easy.

We'll help you calculate the dollar amount you need to invest based on the age of your children, projected college costs and the expected rate of return. Then, we'll help you sort through the myriad of education investment vechicles such as 529s, Coverdale Education Savings Accounts, UTMAs and UGMAs to determine the solution which best fits your needs.

Many state 529 plans also provide state income tax benefits for residents of their respective states. For example, the state of Pennsylvania now provides for a $12,000 annual contribution, per beneficiary/child, per taxpayer, to any state's 529 Plan and receive a Pennsylvania state income tax deduction.

RCL Capital Management can assist you in determining which combination of tools and plans will most effectively meet your college funding objectives.

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