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A Certified Financial Advisor serving investors in greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Wexford, Cranberry, Marshall, Bradford Woods, Pine, Richland, McCandless, Ross – and beyond since 1997.


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Estate Planning

You've worked hard to accumulate your assets. We can help ensure they're eventually passed to the persons of your choosing, not the government.

We can help you can use existing tax laws to maximize the assets which stay within your family and the charitable organizations of your choosing.

We'll review your will, how your assets are titled (jointly, individually, etc.) and your beneficiary designations, and discuss potential tools that can be used to pass your estate to your heirs.

We'll also work with your attorney to ensure that any recommendations fulfill the required legal standards of your particular state.

With a little planning, you can decide not only who receives your assets, but also how much they receive and how they are used ... even after you are gone.

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